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Peter Jones (Pedr Fardd)

From among his more mechanical hymns the following is chosen:

Sweet streams of pleasantness

Came flowing free,

Our stricken life to bless,

From heaven's decree:

Salvation's early thought

Passed o'er the desert place,

And thousand blessings brought--

Oh! wondrous grace!

Christ made His very own

Our mortal frame,

And for His saints He won

A glorious claim:

Of His good-will came He

To take a servant's place

Fruit of the great decree--

Oh! wondrous grace!


Our Helper in our stead

Was sacrificed;

He bruised the serpent's head--

Our Rock is Christ:

Ended is sin's control;

We yet shall see His face,

His likeness in our soul--

Oh! wondrous grace!

Grapes from the thorns were found

Upon the cross;

Balm from the cruel wound,

To heal His foes:

Soon shall our song arise,

In endless joy of praise,

To Christ, our Sacrifice--

Oh! wondrous grace!

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