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Thomas Williams

Some of his best-known hymns--as in the case of nearly all Welsh hymn-writers--relate the vision of death: the favourite theme being that of natural fear gradually overcome by the Christian faith, as in the following

Where is Elijah's God?

Wilt Thou not come at length?

For all my hope and stay

Is only in Thy strength:

The fathers I have loved are gone;

I have but Thee to lead me on.

The breeze is blowing chill

Since early afternoon;

And as I feel its cold

I know that Death comes soon:

Nought but Thy peace can take away

The grave's dark sorrow and dismay.

The river is at hand,

I see its highest wave:

And how can one so weak

Its stormy torrents brave?

God of Elijah, come once more,

Divide the waters as of yore!


Confirm my feeble faith,

So fearful to advance--

Afraid to trust the word

That never failed me once!

And Christ is in His sovereign right,

The resurrection's Life and Light.

O morning full of peace!

Its light is in the skies;

The prisons of the grave

Shall fall, and never rise:

Nor death nor grave shall then be known,

From dawn till eve, from eve till dawn.

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