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Morgan Rhys

The other illustration from the hymns of Morgan Rhys comes in less familiar form:


O welcome, blessed morrow!

No foe, nor any sorrow

Can reach the land of life:

The conquering throng

Shall gather with song,

From all this world of strife.

In Salem's tranquil regions

No sound of warring legions

Breaks on the music fair:

The Saviour will be

My heaven for me--

And no one sinneth there!

The grave will be so peaceful,

Until the dawning blissful

Shall wake me from my rest:

And then I shall rise

With joy to the skies,

In Jesu's likeness drest.

There is the crown of brightness,

And robes of purest whiteness,

And holy festival:

No evil is there,

No enemy dare

Approach its pearlèd wall.

There God is ever glorious,

The Lamb is all-victorious,

O blessed Three in One!

My soul was a brand

Plucked out by His hand--

When shall His praise be done?

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