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William Williams

Side by side with this call of Christian soldiers to battle we may place a hymn to the Lord of Battles, the Captain of the Christian host.

Ride to battle, ride victorious,

Gird, O Christ, Thy glittering sword!

Earth can never stand before Thee,

Nor can hell itself, my Lord:

In Thy name such glory dwelleth,

Hostile armies faint with fear;

And the wide creation trembleth

When it feels Thee coming near.


Now release my soul from bondage,

Let the heavenly day be known:

Burst the iron bars in sunder,

Raze the gates of Babylon:

Thrust the captives hence in armies,

Like the torrents of a flood;

Thousand after thousand singing,


Even now methinks I hear them,

Voices singing from afar;

They extol the great redemption,

In the land where freemen are:

All of them have snow-white garments,

And aloft the palms they bear;

Crowned with glory all-abounding

Into life they enter there.

Be it mine to share the gladness

Of that joyful day of days;

Every word that Christ has spoken

Shall fulfil itself in grace:

North and south--ten times ten thousand,

From the night that covered them,

Come with sound of silver trumpets

To the New Jerusalem.

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