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William Williams

In the company of the same singer, what a burst of triumphant faith we have in this martial strain:

The standard is ahead,

The gospel of His grace:

And hell is filled with dread,

And shakes before His face

Down! down! with shame it shall be brought,

Before my Jesus it is nought.

Great hosts from prisons free

Already have marched on,

And great their joy must be

To know the day is won:

From strife and toil on high they fled,

And in their footsteps we must tread.


Leave we the world behind,

The world that made us smart,

The world, of evil mind

Each day to break our heart:

Between the stars behold the light

Of that far better world in sight!

The blood of Jesu's cross

Was never shed in vain;

There is not any loss

Of His most precious pain:

This is the great, the finished plan

To open heaven's door for man.

Let all bow down and own

The sacrificèd Lamb!

Among all titles known

His is the greatest name:

Praise, laud, and blessing to our Lord,

Let Him be evermore adored!

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