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William Williams

Next comes this winter-night's hymn:

While the stormy winds are blowing

From the north so bleak and ebill,

Saviour, keep my soul defended

From the fear of coming ill:

Change the winter

Into balmy days and still.


Oh! that now the world would leave me,

Oh! that now the skies would clear,

And the land of pleasant ranges

O'er the distant hills appear!

Then my spirit

Would be calm with holy cheer.

But the strength of passion paineth,

And I feel my guilt unspent,

While I cannot cease from sinning--

Failing even to repent:

Light of sunrise,

Break this long imprisonment!

Waiting through the long night-watches,

Waiting for the break of day;

Waiting for the gates to open,

And my chains to fall away:

All in darkness,

For the light of God I pray.

And my soul shall keep on trusting,

Looking every day for Thee;

For Thy hand can save the weakest,

Yea, the weakest--even me!

I must tarry

Till the blessed Jubilee.

Dawn at last! the dawn is coming,

And the clouds shall pass away;

In the valleys, on the mountains,

Shall the mist no longer stay:

Hours of heaven,

Long I waited--now 'tis day.

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