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A Prognosis

The fact is that Islam’s political power has been undermined by European superiority. There are no signs of change in this regard. However, Islam fully maintains its spiritual power and resists all attempts at change at this front. To the contrary, it gained consciously in its dynamic energy and, thanks to the movement of Pan-Islam, even enjoys gradual expansion. Due to its method of peaceful penetration, Islam is left undisturbed to itself, precisely because it is realized that internally it is unconquerable. A declaration of holy war or jihad could cause a simultaneous bloodbath in different places, but it would not be able to return world sovereignty to Islam. But even if Islam for the time being has no chance for world dominion, it will never let go of this ideal. The earthly character of this ideal has put its stamp on all its adherents4848Italics by translator. that can never rise above its contradiction with our culture that is marked by a heavenly ideal. This core contradiction also blocks any attempt at fusing the two into a higher unity. Islam will either remain as it is or it will cease to exist. That it has been able to maintain itself with such tenacity for over thirteen centuries in spite of unfavourable times, is a testimony to its inner dynamic that still moves it. The Crescent is far from its demise. As long as it retains its successful rule over the hearts of its mass of 245 million people, it will be a bad mistake for anyone to dismiss Islam as a negligible factor. As in the past, Islam retains its strong position of power, especially in Africa, but even Europe cannot afford to ignore it. Do not forget the following remarkable contrast. The millions of Christians who came under the rule of the Sultan during the seventh and eighth centuries, have almost all converted to Islam. To the contrary, Muslims who currently are ruled by Christian powers have fully persevered in their faith.4949Italics by translator.

(December 24, 1907)

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