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Of one who fell into a well and was drawn out unhurt

IT happened upon a time that many came together to the ancient house of the beloved Father Florentius to hear the Word of God, and while he was discoursing to them with holy exhortation, a certain man who was sitting with others on the edge of a well was overcome with sleep and fell back headlong into the water. All who were present were terrified by his fall and looked down into the well lamenting the mischance—and behold! by the protection of God the man stood safe and unhurt upon his feet in the water of the well, to the wonder of all. And hastily seizing a pole which hung above they let it down through the well’s mouth and drew forth alive the man who, as they had thought, was almost drowned and dead. Seeing him freed from so great danger they rendered thanks to God Almighty, and were not a little comforted in that He had not allowed one to suffer sudden death in that house.

(2) This was told me by a citizen of Kempen who was present at the time and as a youth had been often in Deventer; he also told me many good things of this man of God and his Brotherhood. I have often drawn water for use in the kitchen out of this same well, which is somewhat narrow, and therefore the thing that was done doth tend yet more strongly to the Glory of God, who is present to save lives from danger, beyond all that we ask of Him.

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