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Of the humility of Christ which Florentius studied to imitate


OUR Lord and Master Jesus Christ, the Flower of all virtue and of all knowledge, began in humility and meekness that rule of life which He handed down to His disciples to be observed as their law and pattern, saying: “Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest for your souls.”

(2) That devout and humble priest of Christ, Master Florentius, the son of Radewin, followed after this virtue of true humility, which is the straightest path to the attainment of the Kingdom of Heaven. This path he kept to the very end of his life through many a spiritual contest, living most strictly in the continual mortification of the flesh, until he entered into the rest of everlasting bliss, to be rewarded by God for his dutiful and pious labours. But how he reached this path of humility I will tell, God helping me, in the following stages of my story. The Almighty and Merciful God, Who from all eternity had chosen him to 86be consecrated as His priest, and foreordained that he should be illuminated with the more excellent gifts; God, I say, of His marvellous goodness snatched him forth from the shipwreck of the world, and withdrew him therefrom; by the word of Truth He did effectually regenerate him, to lead an holier life and to be a branch yielding new fruit.

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