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How his conversion was revealed to a hermit in Cologne


BUT inasmuch as the Almighty and merciful God, who alone worketh great marvels, had decreed to loose this learned and most famous Master from the bonds of this present world, He brought the process of that conversion to full effect; and this conversion, unexpected and unknown to the generality of men, was beforehand revealed and foretold to a certain hermit in Cologne.

(2) For when on a time Gerard was in that city and wandering idly was watching some worldly games, the aforesaid hermit, expressly mentioning the name and describing the dress of Gerard, foretold that his conversion should shortly be brought to pass, and should be of profit to many.

Wherefore a certain man, who knew of this prophecy, came to Gerard where he was standing, and said, ‘Why standest thou thus intent upon empty things? Thou oughtest to become another man.”

This saying about himself Gerard thought but childishness, nor did he at the time dwell much upon it; but God who hath foreknowledge of the future and doth not deceive, after a short time brought the word to pass as He had fore-ordained, and re-called to Himself Gerard whom He loved, from the paths of iniquity to the state of godly living, working by means of a Religious of the Carthusian order.

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