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And Barzillai said unto the King, How long have I to live, that I should go up with the King unto Jerusalem? 2 Samuel xix. 34.

As when the Paschal week is o’er,

Sleeps in the silent aisles no more

The breath of sacred song,

But by the rising Saviour’s light

Awaken’d soars in airy flight,

Or deepening rolls along;139139The organ is silent in many Churches during Passion week: and in some it is the custom to put up evergreen boughs at Easter as well as at Christmas time.

The while round altar, niche, and shrine,

The funeral evergreens entwine,

And a dark brilliance cast,

The brighter for their hues of gloom,

Tokens of Him, who through the tomb

Into high glory pass’d:

Such were the lights and such the strains.

When proudly stream’d o’er ocean plains

Our own returning Cross;

For with that triumph seem’d to float

Far on the breeze one dirge-like note

Of orphanhood and loss.

Father and King, oh where art thou?

A greener wreath adorns thy brow,

And clearer rays surround;

O, for one hour of prayer like thine,

To plead before th’ all-ruling shrine

For Britain lost and found!

And he,140140Read Fell’s Life of Hammond, p. 283-296. Oxford, 1806. whose mild persuasive voice

Taught us in trials to rejoice,

Most like a faithful dove,

That by some ruin’d homestead builds,

And pours to the forsaken fields

His wonted lay of love:

Why comes he not to bear his part,

To lift and guide th’ exulting heart? —

A hand that cannot spars

Lies heavy on his gentle breast:

We wish him health; he sighs for rest,

And Heaven accepts the prayer.

Yes, go in peace, dear placid spright,

Ill spar’d; but would we store aright

Thy serious sweet farewell,

We need not grudge thee to the skies,

Sure after thee in time to rise,

With thee for ever dwell.

Till then, whene’er with duteous hand,

Year after year, my native Land

Her royal offering brings,

Upon the Altar lays the Crown,

And spreads her robes of old renown

Before the King of kings.

Be some kind spirit, likest thine,

Ever at hand, with airs divine

The wandering heart to seize;

Whispering, “How long hast thou to live,

That thou should’st Hope or Fancy gave

To flowers or crowns like these?”

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