Christian Year

Author:Keble, John (1792-1866)
Description:John Keble's prayer book contains over 100 pieces of poetry to be used for prayer, devotions, or mediations on Sunday and holidays throughout the Christian year. It was Keble's desire that his readers would use his verses to unify their own spiritual thoughts and feelings. The Christian Year opens with morning and evening prayers, inspired by passages from Luke and Lamentations. The majority of Keble's poems correspond with a particular Sunday in the Christian year, but the book also contains a number of poems for Christian holidays and important events, such as matrimony, communion, and baptism. Keble's surpassing talent as a poet is evident on every page. The beauty of his words and the sincerity of his message are inspiring to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer
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