Table of Contents

Title Page

The Friend on the Road

I. Critics and Surgeons

II. The Challenge of the Closed Door

III. How the Best Things Become Ours

IV. Sixpennyworth of Miracle

V. The Peace of the Large Life

VI. Education by Contagion

VII. The Tares Among the Wheat

VIII. Things New and Old

IX. The Buoyancy of Faith

X. Sound the Great Recall

XI. The Bright Cloud

XII. Mercy and Obligation

XIII. The Simplification of Life

XIV. Life’s Periolous Heats

XV. Feverishness

XVI. The Truly Sensational Life

XVII. The Dominant Passion

XVIII. Doing the Impossible

XIX. The Life I Should Live

XX. The Blessing and Discipline of Retirement

XXI. Endless Possibilities

XXII. The Price of Liberty

XXIII. The Dynamics of Expulsion

XXIV. Evils That Never Arrive

XXV. Returning in Power

XXVI. The Old Tackle and the New Presence

XXVII. The Noble Dissatisfaction

XXVIII. The Malady of Not Wanting

XXIX. Sentimentalism

XXX. The Pedantic Conscience

XXXI. A Receiver of Wrecks

XXXII. The Supreme Test

XXXIII. Fainting

XXXIV. Doing the Impossible

XXXV. Divine Visitations

XXXVI. Self-Possession

XXXVII. The Treacherous Kiss

XXXVIII. The Friend on the Road

XXXIX. Dull Scholars

XL. The Unknown Christ

XLI. The Worst and the Best

XLII. Increase and Decrease

XLIII. Hating the Light

XLIV. Heroic Goodness

XLV. Living Words

XLVI. The Last Bridge

XLVII. The Ministry of Infusion

XLVIII. Breaking the Awful Silence

XLIX. Preparing for the Miracle

L. The Inner Door

LI. The Revelation in the After Days

LII. The Troubled Heart

LIII. The Gift of Peace

LIV. Settling Down in Christ

LV. The Joy of the Lord

LVI. The Joy of Christian Life

LVII. The Sense of Mission

LVIII. Living at Second Hand

LIX. The Great Act of Receiving