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Lamb of God, the heavens adore thee
Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace
Land of our birth, our faith, our pride
Land of our birth, we pledge to thee
Last of all, we humbly sing
Late at even there was seen
Laud and honor to the Father
Laud and honour to the Father
Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom
Lead on, O King Eternal
Lead us by thy piercèd hand
Lead us daily nearer thee
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us
Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peace
Lead us, O Father, in the paths of right
Lead us, O Father, in the paths of truth
Lead us, O Father, to thy heavenly rest
Lead us on our journey
Lead us to Christ, the living Way
Lead us to heaven, that we may share
Let all mortal flesh keep silence
Let all that now unites us
Let all thy converse be sincere
Let all your lamps be bright
Let but my fainting heart be blest
Let every creature rise and bring
Let every kindred, every tribe
Let every thought, and work, and word
Let faith each weak petition fill
Let good or ill befall
Let grace our selfishness expel
Let Israel trust in God
Let Jew and Gentile, meeting
Let me be slow to do my will
Let me hear thy voice behind me
Let me in season, Lord, be grave
Let me no wrong or idle word
Let music swell the breeze
Let my sins be all forgiven
Let not sin within us reign
Let not sorrow dim your eye
Let peace, O Lord, thy peace, O God
Let saints on earth in concert sing
Let Sion's time of favour come
Let sour drooping hearts be glad
Let the people praise thee, Lord
Let the song go round the earth
Let the sweet hope that thou art mine
Let thrones and powers and kingdoms be
Let thy Blood in mercy poured
Let Thy love my heart inflame
Let thy sunshine guide by day
Let us, like these good shepherds, then employ
Let us, with zeal like theirs inspired
Lift from this and every nation
Lift high the cross of Christ!
Lift thine eye, Christian
Lift up thy bleeding hand, O Lord
Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates!
Lift your eyes, ye sons of light!
Light and Life immortal!
Light of Light that shineth
Light of lights! when falls the even
Light of lights! with morning shine
Light of the world, show us thy face once more
Light of those whose dreary dwelling
Light on thy hills, Jerusalem!
Light's abode, celestial Salem
Like a mighty army
Like him, with pardon on his tongue
Like silver lamps in a distant shrine
Like the dew thy peace distill
Like to quivering tongues of flame
Listen to the wondrous story
Little children need not fear
Little hearts may love thee well
Little lives may be divine
Living or dying, Lord
Lo! again he cometh
Lo! God the Spirit to the Apostles' hearts
Lo, He comes, with clouds descending
Lo! His triumphal chariot waits
Lo, in the clouds of heaven appears
Lo! our sins on thee we cast
Lo! such the child whose early feet
Lo! the book, exactly worded
Lo, the good Shepherd for the sheep is offered
Lo! the Lamb, so long expected
Lo! what a cloud of witnesses
Lonely seems the vale of shadow
Long the nations waited
Long years were spent for me
Look down on me, for I am weak
Look, Father, look on his anointed face
Look on the heart by sorrow broken
Look up to heaven, the industrious sun
Look up, ye saints of God!
Look, ye saints; the sight is glorious
Loose all your bars of massy light
Loose now the captives, loose the prison door
Loose the souls long prisoned, bound with Satan's chain
Lord, all pitying, Jesus blest
Lord, as to thy dear cross we flee
Lord, be mine this prize to win
Lord! by the stripes which wounded thee
Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
Lord, for ever at thy side
Lord, for tomorrow and its needs
Lord, give thine angels every day
Lord God of hosts, whose mighty hand
Lord God, we worship thee!
Lord, grant us all aright to learn
Lord, her watch thy Church is keeping
Lord, I come to thee for rest
Lord, I my vows to thee renew
Lord, I would clasp thy hand in mine
Lord, if thou only wilt
Lord, in loving contemplation
Lord, in their change, let frost and heat
Lord, in this thy mercy's day
Lord, in thy Name thy servants plead
Lord, in thy presence dread and sweet
Lord, it belongs not to my care
Lord, it is good for us to be
Lord, it is my chief complaint
Lord Jesus, King of Paradise
Lord Jesus, think on me
Lord, keep us safe this night
Lord, obediently we go
Lord of heaven and earth and sea
Lord of mercy and of might
Lord of our life, and God of our salvation
Lord of the nations, thus to thee
Lord, on the cross thine arms were stretched
Lord, on us thy Spirit pour
Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high
Lord, shall thy children come to thee?
Lord, shall we come, and come again
Lord, shall we come, come yet again?
Lord, shall we come--not thus alone
Lord, since his rising in the east
Lord, speak to me, that I may speak
Lord, sup with us in love divine
Lord, teach thy Church the lesson
Lord, that in death I sleep not
Lord, thine abiding presence directs the wondrous choice
Lord, this bosom's ardent feeling
Lord, thou canst help when earthly armour faileth
Lord, through the grave and gate of death
Lord, thy children guide and keep
"Lord, thy glory fills the heaven
Lord, thy sure mercies, ever in my sight
Lord, thy word abideth
Lord, we are few, but thou art near
Lord, we thy presence seek
Lord, while for all mankind we pray
Lord, who fulfillest thus anew
Lord, who throughout these forty days
Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise thee
Loud is thy bitter cry
Loud scoffs the dying thief
Love divine, all loves excelling
Love in loving finds employ
Love is kind, and suffers long
Love of Jesus, all divine
Love of the living God
Love, that caused us first to be
Love's redeeming work is done
Low at the cradle throne we bend
Low before him with our praises we fall
Low I kneel, with heart submission
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