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CHAPTER I. That he who intends to become a Spiritual Man must first use much Bodily Exercise in Penance, and in Destroying of Sin

CHAPTER II. To what kind of Men the Active Life pertaineth

CHAPTER III. To whom the Contemplative Life appertaineth

CHAPTER IV. To whom appertaineth the Mixed Life

CHAPTER V. How holy Bishops held and used the said Mixed Life

CHAPTER VI. What kind of Life was most fitting for him for whom this Treatise was made

CHAPTER VII. That a Man's Devotion sometimes will be the greater by reason of the outward Work which before out of Charity he hath been in hand with

CHAPTER VIII. What the Desire of God for Himself is, and how that in Cleanness of Conscience is found true Comfort and Sweetness

CHAPTER IX. How thou shalt Dispose thee to Devotion

CHAPTER X. How a Man is to Think on the Humanity of Christ

CHAPTER XI. How a Man shall think on Virtues and upon the Saints

CHAPTER XII. How a Man shall think of the Holiness of our Lord Jesus and of our Blessed Lady

CHAPTER XIII. Of seeing and beholding the Power (by some consideration or thinking), the Wisdom the Goodness and the Mercy of God in His Creatures

CHAPTER XIV. How the Consideration and thinking on the Miseries and Perils of this Life is apt to breed in a soul the Desire of Heaven

CHAPTER XV. How a Man shall do when he feeleth no taste nor comfort in his Mental Exercises

CHAPTER XVI. What a Man is to take heed of in his Prayers and Meditations

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