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Wach auf, mein Herz! und singe.--(Goed. 59.)


Appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1648, no. 1, in 10 stanzas of four lines; thence in Wackernagel: no. 99; Bachmann: no. 1. It was repeated in Crü--Runge, 1653, no. 1, and also in the Berlin G. L. S.: ed. 1863, no. 1132. This is one of the finest and most popular of German morning hymns, and soon passed into universal use, stanza VIII being best known. Cf. Koch, IV, 595 ff.

English Versions:
1. My Soul, awake and tender.

In full, by J. C. Jacobi, in his Psalmodia Germanica, 1720, p. 33 (1722, p. 104), repeated in pt. I of the Moravian H. Bk., 1754. In the Moravian H. Bk., 1789 and 1886, it begins "My soul awake and render," stanzas 1, 2, 4, 5, being from I; V (lines 3, 4); VI (lines 1, 2); X; VIII.

2. Thy Thanks, my Soul, be raising.

H. J. Buckoll, 1842, p. 28.

3. Wake, my heart, and sing His praises.

E. Massie, 1867.

4. Awake, my heart, be singing.

J. Kelly, 1867, p. 276.173173alt., The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, p. 192.

5. Wake up, my heart, elater.

N. L. Frothingham, 1870.

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