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Ich, der ich oft in tiefes Leid.--(Goed. 298.)

Based on Psalm CXLV. First published in Ebeling, 1666, 3, no. 27, in 18 stanzas of 7 lines; thence in Wackernagel: no. 95; Bachmann: no. 103; Berlin G. L. S.: 1863, no. 1004.

English Versions:
1. I who so oft in deep distress.

Miss Winkworth in her Lyra Ger., 2d Series, 1858, p. 149. The translation omits Gerhardt's stanzas II, III, IV. An alteration and adaptation of stanzas VI, VIII, IX, XI, beginning "O God! how many thankful songs," appeared as no. 168 in Holy Song, 1869.

2. Who is so full of tenderness.

A translation of stanza VIII as stanza 4 in the Moravian Hymn Book, 1886, no. 537.

Miss Winkworth, in her Lyra Germanica, 1855.

1. I who so oft in deep distress
And bitter grief must dwell,
Will now my God with gladness bless,
And all His mercies tell;
Oh hear me then, my God and King,
While of Thy Holy Name I sing,
Who doest all things well.
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