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Geh aus, mein Herz, und suche Freud--(Goed. 239.)204204Cf. Friedrich von Spee's hymn: "Der trübe Winter ist vorbei"; also the Volkslied:     "Herzlich tut mich erfreuen     Die fröhlich Sommerzeit." and B. Ringwald's     "Gottlob, es ist vorhanden die frölich Sommerzeit."

This beautiful poem of thanksgiving for the divine goodness in the gift of the delights of summer and of anticipation of the joys of Paradise appeared in the 1656 ed. of Crü. Praxis, no. 412, in 15 stanzas of 6 lines. It was also printed in H. Müller's Geistliche Seelenmusik, 1659, and included in Wackernagel: no. 103; Bachmann: no. 85; Unv. L. S.: 1851, no. 732. Cf. Koch, IV, 591; VIII, 141. Like Luther, who fondly loved nature and admired its beauties, Gerhardt showed himself in this inspiring poem a real lover of God's creation.

English Versions:
1. Go forth, my heart, and seek delight.

A good translation omitting stanza XIV, by Miss Winkworth, in the First Series of her Lyra Ger., 1855, p. 136. Her translation of stanzas VIII-XI, beginning "Thy mighty working, mighty God," was included in the American Sabbath Hymn Book, 1858, and repeated in Boardman's Collection, Philadelphia, 1861.

2. The golden corn now waxes strong.

A good translation beginning with stanza VII, contributed by R. Massie to the 1857 ed. of Mercer's C. P. and H. Bk., no. 463 (1864, no. 500). In the Appendix to the Second Series of Lyra Domestica Mr. Massie reprinted his translation at page 102, and prefixed a version of stanzas I-VI, beginning "Go forth, my heart, nor linger here." In this form it appeared in full in Reid's Praise Book, 1872.

3. Come forth, my heart, and seek delight.

Miss Cox, 1841 and 1864.

4. Go forth, my heart, and revel in joy's flow.

Also "And oft I think, if e'en earth's sin-stained ground," a translation of stanzas I, IX, by Mrs. Stanley Carr in her translation of Wildenhahn's Paul Gerhardt, 1845 and 1856.

5. Go forth, my heart, and seek for praise.

Dr. J. W. Alexander, in Schaff's Kirchenfreund, 1849, p. 419; reprinted in his work The Breaking Crucible, N. Y., 1861, p. 15.

6. Go out, my heart, and pleasure seek.

Miss Manington, 1863, p. 164.

7. Go forth, my Heart! the year's sweet prime.

E. Massie, 1866, p. 36.

8. Go forth, my heart, and seek delight,
      In this summer.

J. Kelly, 1867, p. 289.

9. Go forth, my heart, and seek the bliss.

Mrs. E. L. Follen, in her Lark and Linnet, 854, p. 30.

10. Go out, my heart, and seek delight.

A good translation omitting stanzas IV, V, VI, and XIV, by Miss Margarete Münsterberg, in her Harvest of German Verse, 1916.

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