Table of Contents

Title Page

The Authour to the Reader.

Chapter I. Of a Pastor.


Chapter II. Their Diversities.

Chapter III. The Parsons Life.

Chapter III. The Parsons Knowledg.

Chapter V. The Parsons Accessary Knowledges.

Chapter VI. The Parson praying.

Chapter VIII. The Parson preaching.

Chapter VIII. The Parson on Sundays.

Chapter IX. The Parson state of Life.

Chapter X. The Parson in his house.

Chapter XI. The Parson’s Courtesie.

Chapter Chapter XII. The Parson’s Charity.

Chapter XIII. The Parson’s Church

Chapter XIV. The Parson in Circuit.

Chapter XV. The Parson Comforting.

Chapter XVI. The Parson a Father.

Chapter XVII/ The Parson in Journey.

Chapter XVIII. The Parson in Sentinell.

Chapter XIX. The Parson in reference.

Chapter XX. The Parson in Gods stead.

Chapter XXI. The Parson Catechizing.

Chapter XXII. The Parson in Sacraments.

Chapter XXIII. The Parson’s Completenesse.

Chapter XXIV. The Parson arguing.

Chapter XXV. The Parson punishing.

Chapter XXVI. The Parson’s eye.

Chapter XXVII. The Parson in mirth.

Chapter XXVIII. The Parson in Contempt.

Chapter XXIX. The Parson with his Church-Wardens.

Chapter XXX. The Parson’s Consideration of Providence.

Chapter XXXI. The Parson in Liberty.

Chapter XXXII. The Parson’s Surveys.

Chapter XXXIII. The Parson’s Library.

Chapter XXXIV. The Parson’s Dexterity in applying of Remedies.

Chapter XXXV. The Parson’s Condescending.

Chapter XXXVI. The Parson Blessing.

Chapter XXXVII. Concerning detraction.

The Authour’s Prayer before Sermon.

A Prayer after Sermon.