Dictionary of the Bible Dealing with its Language, Literature, and Contents: Volume 1 (A-Feasts)

Author:Hastings, James (1852-1922)
Description: James Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible Dealing with Language, Literature, and Contents is a dictionary divided into four volumes. Copyrighted in 1898, each volume contains nearly 1,000 pages of information about the Old and New Testaments. Hastings, in his Preface to volume 1, writes, "Articles have been written on the names of all Persons and Places, on Antiquities and Archeology of the Bible, and its Ethnology, Geology, and Natural History, On Biblical Theology and Ethic. and even the obsolete or archaic words occurring in the English Versions." James Hastings is also the editor of Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels
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