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SECT. IX. A solution of the Mahometans’ objection concerning the Son of God.

THE Mahometans say, they are offended, because we ascribe a Son to God, who makes nu use of a wife; as if the word son, as it refers to God, could not have a more divine signification. But Mahomet himself ascribes many things to God, no less unworthy of him, than if it were said he had a wife; for instance, that he has a cold hand, and that himself experienced it by a touch;788788   See the place in Richardus against the Mahometans, chap. 1. and 14. and in Cantacuzenus, in the second oration against Mahomet, sect. xviii. and in the fourth oration, not far from the beginning. that he is carried about in a chair, and the like.789789   In the same place. Now we, when we call Jesus the Son of God, mean the same thing that he did, when he calls him the Word of God:790790   See above. for the word is in a peculiar manner produced from the mind:791791   See Plato in his banquet, and Abarbanel in his dialogue, which is commonly called that of Leo Hebræus. See Euthymius concerning this matter, in the fore-mentioned dispute, where he says, “In like manner as our word proceeds from the mind,” &c. And Cardinal Cusan, i. chap. 13. &c. against the Maometaus; and Richardus, chap. 9. and 15. to which we may add, that he was born of a virgin, by the help of God alone, who supplied the power of a father; that he was taken up into heaven by the power of God; which things, and those that 240 Mahomet confesses, shew, that Jesus may and ought to be called the Son of God, by a peculiar right.792792   Luke i. 35. John x. 36. Acts iii. 13, 14, 15. xiii. 33. Heb i. 6. v. 5. In the fore-mentioned book of the doctrine of Mahomet, Jesus is brought in, calling God his Father.

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