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SECT. II. That the Jews ought to look upon the miracles of Christ as sufficiently attested.

FIRST, therefore, they are requested not to esteem that unjust in another’s cause, which they think just in their own: if any heathen should ask them, why they believe the miracles done by Moses, they can give no other answer, but that the tradition concerning this matter has been so continual and constant amongst them, that it could not proceed from any thing else but the testimony of those who saw them. Thus, that the widow’s oil was increased by Elisha,541541   2 Kings iv. and the Syrian immediately healed of his leprosy,542542   2 Kings v. and the son of her who entertained him raised to life again,543543   In the fore-mentioned ivth chapter. with many others, are believed by the Jews, for no other reason but because they were delivered to posterity by credible witnesses; and, concerning Elijah’s being taken up into heaven,544544   Chap. ii. of the fore-cited book. they give credit to the single testimony of Elisha, as a man beyond all exception. But we bring twelve witnesses,545545   Mark. xvi. 10. Luke xxiv. 52. Acts i. whose lives were unblameable, of Christ’s ascending into heaven;546546   Matt. xxviii. Mark xvi. Luke xxiv. John xi, xxi. 1 Cor. xv. and many more, of Christ’s being seen upon earth after his death; which, if they be true, the Christian doctrine must of necessity be true also; and it is plain that the Jews can say nothing for 183themselves, but what will hold as strong or stronger for us. But, to pass by testimonies, the writers of the Talmud, and the Jews themselves, own the miraculous things done by Christ, which ought to satisfy them:547547   See what is quoted, book ii. For God cannot more effectually recommend the authority of any doctrine delivered by man, than by working miracles.

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