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SECT. VIII. And of their writings; because in them are contained many things which the event proved to be revealed by a Divine Power.

FOR we find in them many predictions concerning things which men could not possibly know of themselves, and which were wonderfully confirmed by the event; such 133as the sudden and universal propagation of this religion; 404404   Matt. xiii. 33. and following verses. Luke x. 18. John xii. 32. the perpetual continuance of it;405405   Luke i. 33. Matt. xxviii. 20. John xiv. 16. that it should be rejected by very many of the Jews,406406   Matt. xxi. 33. and following verses; xxii. at the beginning; Luke xv. 11. and following verses. and embraced by strangers;407407   In the same places, and also Matt. viii. 11. xii. 21. xxi. 43. the hatred of the Jews against those who professed this religion;408408   Matt. x. 17. the severe punishments they should undergo, upon the account of it;409409   Matt. x. 21, 39. xxiii. 34. the siege and destruction of Jerusalem and the temple,410410   Matt. xxiii. 38. xxiv. 16. Luke xiii. 34. xxi. 24. and the sore calamities of the Jews.411411   Matt. xxi. 33. and following verses; xxiii. 34. xxiv. 20.

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