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Chapter 8 Verse 3

His left hand should be under my head,
and his right hand should embrace me.

first wordwords may be considered, either, 1. As a petition that it might be so, and be read thus, “let his left hand be under my head,”977977Sinistra ejus supponatur capite meo, Tigurire version, Marckius. Some in Michaelis. etc., a phrase used by lovers,978978Circumdatoque me brachiis, Plauti Asinaria, act. 3, sc. 3. v, 106. and here repeated in this song. Or, 2. As expressing her faith, that it should be so; which sense is favored by our version. Or, 3. As declaring her present enjoyment of the mercy which she had been seeking for, and had faith in; and so be read, as in chapter 2:6, where they are more largely explained.

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