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Chapter 7 Verse 3

Thy two breasts are like two young roes, that are twins.

first wordbreasts are the fifth part, which is here commended by Christ; what is intended by them, has been shown in chapter 4:5, where we have met with the same commendation, and that in the same words; only here is an omission of a clause which is added there, namely, “which feed among the lilies.” The Targum here again makes mention of the two Messiahs, whom the Jews vainly expect: R. Aben Ezra expounds those words of their two laws, oral and written, as he had done in the chapter and place above-mentioned: as R. Solomon Jarchi does also of the two tables of the law; though he likewise produces another sense of the words, which is, that by the two breasts are meant the king and the high priest: but for the understanding of the words, the reader is referred to chapter 4:5, where they are more largely insisted on.

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