Note 054
From Chapter 58 of the Decline & Fall

To gratify the childish vanity of the house of Este, Tasso has inserted in his poem, and in the first crusade, a fabulous hero, the brave and amorous Rinaldo (x. 75, xvii. 66 - 94). He might borrow his name from a Rinaldo, with the Aquila bianca Estense, who vanquished, as the standard-bearer of the Roman church, the emperor Frederic I. (Storia Imperiale di Ricobaldo, in Muratori Script. Ital. tom. ix. p. 360. Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, iii. 30.). But,
1. The distance of sixty years between the youth of the two Rinaldos destroys their identity.
2. The Storia Imperiale is a forgery of the Conte Boyardo, at the end of the 15th century (Muratori, p. 281 - 289).
3. This Rinaldo, and his exploits, are not less chimerical than the hero of Tasso (Muratori, Antichita Estense, tom. i. p. 350.).

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