Note 001
From Chapter 54 of the Decline & Fall

The errors and virtues of the Paulicians are weighed, with his usual judgment and candour, by the learned Mosheim (Hist. Ecclesiast. seculum ix. p. 311, etc.). He draws his original intelligence from Photius (contra Manichaeos, l. i.) and Peter Siculus (Hist. Manichaeorum). The first of these accounts has not fallen into my hands; the second, which Mosheim prefers, I have read in a Latin version inserted in the Maxima Bibliotheca Patrum, (tom. xvi. p. 754 - 764), from the edition of the Jesuit Raderus (Ingolstadii, 1604, in 4to.).

Note by the Rev. H.H. Milman, written 1782, revised 1845— Compare Hallam's Middle Ages, p. 461 - 471. Mr. Hallam justly observes that this chapter

"appears to be accurate as well as luminous, and is at least far superior to any modern work on the subject."
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