Note 021
From Chapter 43 of the Decline & Fall

Alemannus, (ad Hist. Arcanum, p. 68,) Ducange, (Familiae Byzant. p. 98,) and Heineccius, (Hist. Juris Civilis, p. 434,) all three represent Anastasius as the son of the daughter of Theodora; and their opinion firmly reposes on the unambiguous testimony of Procopius, (Anecdot. c. 4, 5, — Ancient Greek twice repeated.) And yet I will remark,
1. That in the year 547, Theodora could scarcely have a grandson of the age of puberty;
2. That we are totally ignorant of this daughter and her husband; and,
3. That Theodora concealed her bastards, and that her grandson by Justinian would have been heir apparent of the empire.

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