Note 114
From Chapter 37 of the Decline & Fall

The P. Quesnel started this opinion, which has been favourably received. But the three following truths, however surprising they may seem, are now universally acknowledged (Gerard Vossius, tom. vi. p. 516-522; Tillemont, Mem. Eccles. tom. viii. p. 667 671).

  1. St. Athanasius is not the author of the creed which is so frequently read in our churches.
  2. It does not appear to have existed within a century after his death.
  3. It was originally composed in the Latin tongue, and, consequently, in the Western provinces.

Gennadius, a patriarch of Constantinople, was so much amazed by this extraordinary composition, that he frankly pronounced it to be the work of a drunken man. Petav. Dogmat. Theologica, tom. ii. 1. vii. c. 8, p. 687.

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