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Chapter 27 - New Birth

In this dispensation, the Holy Spirit brings us into a relationship with God as sons. We have an heavenly Father. In the Old Testament, He is never revealed as a Father, and we as His little children. When Jesus comes, He makes a new relationship with the Father, and now we are to be born of the Spirit into a new family relationship. Israel never was born of the Spirit. The new man is birthed on Calvary.

The new birth is birthing us into a new conscious contact with divine reality. It releases us from that old Adamic setup. We are launched into orbit; space; and how big is space? Don’t try to answer! The Holy Spirit, Who brought this marvelous Truth, is the only One Who can reveal it, and interpret it.—With all the background I have had, I have to sit down, and become a child, and say, “Lord, You have to tell me . . .” I find in the Word a continuity, a way, or thought, or a scheme.—He is a wonderful God, but an heavenly Father. Jesus is a great Redeemer, but He says, “I am your Brother.”

When it comes to salvation, we have to start with the knowledge of the Truth; then faith reaches out its hands, and takes that Truth from its mental processes, and “with the HEART man believeth”.

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