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Chapter 49 - Worship

Isn’t it nice when we do things in the Spirit without being told: “Now we will lift our hands etc. . . .” No, lift them in the Spirit when He lifts them.

Worship isn’t conducted by machinery; it is born of the Spirit. It is not mechanical, but uplifting, and ascending to God; to a holy God—holy, holy, holy—something fresh we offer from our hearts. If you don’t have that kind of God, I’d trade Him off! He is white-heated holiness and purity—a fire that consumes. No flesh can stand in His Presence. “That no flesh should glory in His Presence.” (I Cor. 1:29) These days this needs to be brought out and emphasized, because people try to pull Him down to their level. “Rejoice in the Lord ye righteous, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness.” (Ps. 97:12)

Our highest vocation is not our ministry; it is adoration and worship. Man was made for the glory of God originally. Our attitude in God is what counts. Worship is a tremendous SELF-GIVING to God; something that comes from within, and is going fight up to God; fight back to God. We can’t worship in ourselves. Worship is born of the Spirit. He can worship through us. We can’t automatically worship. True worship is born of the Spirit.

There is a difference between praise and worship. Praise is something we do. Worship is of the Spirit. The nearer we come to Him, the more we feel like going down, down before Him; not this “Hello, Jesus” business, but like a dog by his master, who has such a sense of security and rest: “I just feel that I want to push up by You. You don’t have to talk to me.”

There are times, if the Lord could .get certain spirits into a place of just worship and adoration, that would mean more to Him than a thousand things they could do. If we could just come into the swing of the Spirit that enters into worship;—walk all day worshipping the Lord, while souls are going to hell?—I tell you something; they went to hell before we were born, and will after we are gone. We get so entangled into these traditional patterns and things that we forget God. If God can be blessed and honored by being loved and worshiped all day, then love Him and worship Him all day!

You say, “We will have all the eternal ages in heaven to worship Him.” You better practice a little down here. Get in tune with the Infinite, and learn the quietness of His heart. How far we are from this in so much we see and hear! When we get into God, we find He is just about a thousand miles away from so much stuff we have here, but that holds us; it fascinates us.

Churches in the book of Revelation have a work complex instead of a worship complex.

How many know when the judgment of God will be lifted off this earth, it will be like a great musical; a powerful instrument of praise. The morning stars will be singing together! Do trees sing? Yes, to a poet, and anyone in God, they do. The scientific approach to God is always so ghastly to me. They want God in capsule form t prescription. He doesn’t move that way; He is Spirit.

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