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It has been a high honor and privilege to have been the republisher of Finney’s “Theology” in this 20th century, and to have been commended by so many prominent clergymen and Christian laymen on bringing this great Christian classic to print again. The fact that a second edition has been necessary is additional substantiation of the popularity of this volume, and proof of its necessity as a standard text on theology. During the many years that this work was out of print, available used copies became very rare and valuable, but because of earnest students of the Word who have desired to know Finney’s theological views, I have sought to make them available again and to keep them in ready accessibility. God has put His hand of approval upon this endeavor, because, during the restriction of war, postwar problems and many trials of Satan to prevent publication, this book has now gone through two modern editions, and has been mightily used of God.

Charles G. Finney was a great and mighty power for God, and every Christian should be familiar with his writings. As a tremendous Spiritual force, he swept through sin-ridden communities and whole cities were levelled to their knees before God, and his evangelistic endeavors are recalled today as examples of the power of the Holy Spirit in a real heaven sent revival. Because of his great force as a man of God, his theology should be studied by all. Of course, Finney is unique in many of his advancements, and I personally cannot agree with him on every point; indeed, I cannot agree with every other theologian on all of their points. In fact, I dare say that each of us as individual Christians may disagree on certain theological points, and yet as born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we all subscribe to the same fundamentals of the faith. Even so, we must study this Theology, discarding that which we may not conscientiously accept, and praising God for the new Light that we have found.

May the blessed Holy Spirit kindle in each of our souls the fire and fervor of Finney, that once again our land may be swept by a mighty revival.

In His Service,
Rev. Joseph Elon Kemp, Litt.D.


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