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Power From On High

by Charles G. Finney

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Charles Finney (1792-1875) was an American Presbyterian preacher known for his revival services and extemporaneous preaching. As he observed other church leaders, he began to feel many of them lacked the “power from on high”—the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In the first chapters of his book, Finney first explains what “power from on high” means to him. More than just speaking in tongues, the baptism of the Holy Spirit grants Christians the power to live lives of grace and holiness. Finney uses the rest of his book to help Christians—church leaders in particular—grow closer to the Holy Spirit and receive God’s power. Both present and past readers have found Finney’s words spirited and encouraging.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff
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About Charles G. Finney
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Charles G. Finney
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia
Born: 1792
Died: 1875
Related topics: Biography, Congregational churches--Clergy, Evangelistic work, Evangelists, Finney, Charles Grandison,--1792-1875
Basic information:
Popular works: Sermons on Gospel Themes, Systematic Theology [1878], Lectures on Revivals of Religion, Power From On High, Backslider in Heart