Grammar of Septuagint Greek

Author:Conybeare, Frederick Cornwallis (1856-1924)
Description:The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Koine Greek. The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Old Testament, but it uses a slightly different version of Greek than the New Testament. This grammar book by Frederik Conybeare explains these differences so that a scholar of the Septuagint may understand the particulars of the translation. Reviewers hail this book as an excellent authority on the subject, but note that, as it was written in 1905, the text is a bit out of date. Helpful nevertheless, this grammar book is designed for students who have knowledge of both Koine and Classical Greek. It is not recommended as a primary text for learning Greek grammar, but carries out its own purpose well. With an explanation of nouns, verbs, and syntax, Grammar of Septuagint Greek is a unique and useful text.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer
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