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This song sheweth that God is the strength of his people, whence they have support and comfort.

My straying thoughts, reduced stay,

And so a while retired,

Such observacions to survay

VVhich memory hath registred,

That were not in oblivion dead.

In which reveiw of mentall store,

One note affordeth comforts best,

Cheifly to be preferd therfore,

As in a Cabinet or Chest

One jewell may exceed the rest.

God is the Rock of his Elect

In whom his grace is incoate,

This note, my soule did most affect,

It doth such power intimate

To comfort and corroberate.

God is a Rock first in respect

He shadows his from hurtfull heat,

Then in regard he doth protect

His servants still from dangers great

And so their enimies defeat.

In some dry desart Lands (they say)

Are mighty Rocks, which shadow make,

Where passengers that go that way,

May rest, and so refreshing take,

Their sweltish Wearinesse to slake.

So in this world such violent

Occasions, find we still to mourn.

That scorching heat of Discontent

VVould all into combustion turn

And soon our soules with anguish burn,

Did not our Rock preserve us still,

Whose Spirit, ours animates,

That wind that bloweth where it will Iohn 3.8

Sweetly our soules refrigerates,

And so distructive heat abates.

From this our Rock proceeds likewise,

Those living streames, which graciously

Releives the soule which scorched lies,

Through sence of Gods displeasure high,

Due to her for inniquity.

So this our Rock refreshing yeelds,

To those that unto him adhere,

Whom likewise mightily he sheilds,

So that they need not faint nor fear

Though all the world against them were.

Because he is their strength and tower,

Whose power none can equalize.

VVhich onely gives the use of power

Which justly he to them denies,

Who would against his servants rise.

Not by selfe power nor by might,

But by Gods spirit certainly, Zach. 4.

Men compasse and attain their right,

For what art thou, O mountain high!

Thou shalt with valleys, evenly.

Happy was Israell, and why,

Jehovah was his Rock alone, Deu. 33.29

The Sword of his Excellency,

His sheild of Glory mighty known,

In saving those that are his own.

Experience of all age shewes,

That such could never be dismayd

Who did by Faith on God repose,

Confessing him their onely ayd,

Such were alone in safty stayd.

One may have freinds, who have a will

To further his felicity,

And yet be wanting to him still,

Because of imbecility,

In power and ability.

But whom the Lord is pleas’d to save,

Such he is able to defend,

His grace and might no limmits have,

And therefore can to all extend

Who doe or shall on him depend.

Nor stands he therefore surely,

Whose Freinds most powerfull appeare,

Because of mutabillity

To which all mortalls subject are,

Whose favours run now here, now there.

But in our Rock and mighty Fort,

Of change no shadow doth remain,

His favours he doth not Transport

As trifles movable and vain,

His Love alone is lasting gain.

Therefore my soule do thou depend,

upon that Rock which will not move,

When all created help shall end

Thy Rock impregnable will prove,

Whom still embrace with ardent Love.

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