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The Second Meditacion.

The storm of Anguish being over-blown,

To praise Gods mercies now I may have space,

For that I was not finally orethrown,

But was supported by his speciall grace;

The Firmament his glory doth declare, Psal. 19. 1

Yet over all his works, his mercies are. Psal. 145. 9

The Contemplacion of his mercies sweet,

Hath ravished my Soule with such delight

Who to lament erst while was onely meet,

Doth now determine to put griefe to flight,

Being perswaded, hereupon doth rest,

Shee shall not be forsaken though distrest.

Gods Favour toward me is hereby proved,

For that he hath not quite dejected me;

VVhy then, though crosses be not yet removed

Yet so seasoned with pacience they be,

As they excite me unto godlinesse,

The onely way to endlesse happinesse.

Wch earthly muckworms can in no wise know

Being of the Holy Spirit destitute,

They savour onely earthly things below;

Who shall with them of saving Grace dispute,

Shall find them capable of nothing lesse

Though Christianity they do professe.

Let Esaus porcion fall onto these men,

The Fatnesse of the Earth let them possesse

No other thing they can desire then,

Having no taste of Heavens happinesse,

They care not for Gods Countenance so bright,

Their Corn and Wine and Oyle is their delight.

To compasse this and such like is their care,

But having past the period of their dayes,

Bereft of all but miseries they are,

Their sweet delight with mortall life decayes,

But godlinesse is certainly great gain, 1. Tim. 6. 6

Immortall blisse they have, who it retain.

They that are godly and regenerate,

Endu’d with saving Knowledg, Faith, and Love,

When they a future blisse premeditate,

It doth all bitter passion quite remove;

Though oft they feel the want of outward things

Their heavenly meditacions, comfort brings.

They never can be quite disconsolate,

Because they have the onely Comforter

Which doth their minds alway illuminate,

And make them fleshy pleasures much abhorr,

For by their inward light they plainly see

How vain all transitory pleasures bee.

Moreover, if they be not only voyd

Of earthly pleasures and commodities,

But oftentimes be greviously annoyd

With sundry kinds of great Calammities,

Whether it be in Body, Goods, or Name,

With pacience they undergo the same.

And why? because they know and be aware

That all things work together for the best,

To them that love the Lord and called are, Ro. 8.28.

According to his purpose; therefore blest

Doubtlesse they be, his knowledg that obtain,

No Losse may countervail their blessed Gain.

Which makes them neither murmor nor repine

When God is pleasd with Crosses them to try,

who out of darknesse caused light to shine, 2 Cor. 4.6.

Can raise them Comfort out of Misery

They know right well and therefore are content

To beare with patience any Chastisment.

This difference is betwixt the good and bad;

When as for sin the godly scourged are,

And godly Sorrow moves them to be sad,

These speeches or the like they will declare:

O will the Lord absent himselfe for ever?

Will he vouchsafe his mercy to me never?

VVhat is the cause I am afflicted so?

The cause is evident I do perceive.

My Sins have drawn upon me all this woe,

The which I must confesse and also leave,

Then shall I mercy find undoubtedly, Pro. 28.13.

And otherwise no true prosperity.

Whilst sin hath rule in me, in vain I pray,

Or if my Soule inniquity affects,

If this be true, at tis, I boldly say,

The prayer of the wicked, God rejects; Pro. 15.8.

If in my heart I wickednesse regard

How can I hope my prayer shall be heard. Psal. 66

If I repent, here may I Comfort gather,

Though in my prayers there be weaknesse much

Christ siteth at the right hand of his Father

To intercede and make make request for such, Rom. 8.33

Who have attained to sincerity,

Though somthing hindered by infirmity.

I will forthwith abandon and repent,

Not onely palpable inniquities,

But also all alowance or consent

To sinful motions or infirmities;

And when my heart and wayes reformed be,

God will with-hold nothing that’s good from me. Psal. 84.

So may I with the Psalmist truly say,

Tis good for me that I have been afflicted,

Before I troubled was, I went astray, Psal. 119

But now to godlinesse I am adicted;

If in Gods Lawes I had not took delight,

I in my troubles should have perisht quite.

Such gracious speeches usually proceed

From such a Spirit that is Sanctifide,

Who strives to know his own defects and need

And also seekes to have his wants supplide;

But certainly the wicked do not so

As do their speeches and distempers show.

At every crosse they murmor, vex and fret,

And in their passion often will they say,

How am I with Calamities beset!

I think they will mee utterly destray,

The cause hereof I can in no wise know

But that the Destinies will have it so.

Unfortunate am I and quite forlorn,

Oh what disastrous Chance befalleth me!

Vnder some hurtfull Plannet I was born

That will (I think) my Confusion be,

And there are many wickeder then I

Who never knew the like adversity.

These words do breifly show a carnall mind

Polluted and corrupt with Ignorance,

Where godly Wisdom never yet hath shin’d

For that they talk of Destiny or Chance;

For if Gods Power never can abate,

He can dispose of that he did create.

If God alone the True Almighty be

As we beleive, acknowledg, and confesse,

Then supream Governor likewise is he

Disposing all things, be they more or lesse;

The eyes of God in every place do see

The good and bad, and what their actions bee.

The thought hereof sufficeth to abate

My heavinesse in great’st extremity,

When Grace unto my Soul did intimate

That nothing comes by Chance or Destiny,

But that my God and Saviour knowes of all

That either hath or shall to me befall.

VVho can his servants from all troubles free

And would I know my Crosses all prevent,

But that he knowes them to be good for me

Therefore I am resolv’d to be content,

For though I meet with many Contradictions

Yet Grace doth alwayes sweeten my Afflictions.

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