Trees of Pride

Author:Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (1874-1936)
Description:In this mystery novella, G. K. Chesterton does what he does best – spins a tale of intrigue and suspense, strewn with philosophical and theological commentary. The story revolves around Squire Vane, who has imported three “peacock trees,” which, according to the locals, spread disease and eat people. The Squire dismisses these comments as mere superstition, but when three guests bring up the topic and anger the Squire, he storms off down to the trees to spend the night among them, to prove they aren’t dangerous. The next morning…he’s gone. His guests and a local doctor set out to discover what happened to him, and untangle a thoroughly knotted web. This is a brilliant exposition on a human’s ability and desire to believe in the supernatural, all wrapped up in a story of pride and arrogance.

Laura de Jong
CCEL Staff Writer
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