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P. M.

Psalm 121.

John Bowdler.

To heaven I lift mine eye,

To heaven, Jehovah’s throne,

For there my Saviour sits on high,

And thence shall strength and aid supply

To all he calls his own.

2 He will not faint nor fail,

Nor cause thy feet to stray;

For him no weary hours assail,

Nor evening darkness spreads her vail

O’er his eternal day.

3 Beneath that light divine,

Securely shalt thou move;

The sun with milder beams shall shine,

And eve’s still queen her lamp incline

Benignant from above.

4 For he, thy God and Friend,

Shall keep thy soul from harm,

In each sad scene of doubt attend,

And guide thy life, and bless thine end,

With his almighty arm.

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