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C. M.

Rev. 7:13-17.


How bright these glorious spirits shine!

Whence all their bright array?

How came they to the blissful seats

Of everlasting day?

2 Lo! these are they from sufferings great

Who came to realms of light,

And in the blood of Christ have washed

Those robes which shine so bright.

3 Now with triumphant palms they stand

Before the throne on high,

And serve the God they love, amidst

The glories of the sky.

4 His presence fills each heart with joy,

Tunes every mouth to sing;

By day, by night, the sacred courts

With glad hosannas ring.

5 Hunger and thirst are felt no more,

Nor sun with scorching ray;

God is their sun, whose cheering beams

Diffuse eternal day.

6 The Lamb that sits upon the throne,

Shall o’er them still preside,

Feed them with nourishment divine,

And all their footsteps guide.

7 ’Mong pastures green he’ll lead his flock,

Where living streams appear;

And God the Lord from every eye

Shall wipe off every tear.

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