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6s & 5s.

Psalm 91.


God of our salvation!

Unto thee we pray;

Hear our supplication,

Be our strength and stay.

2 Wretchéd and unworthy,

Poor, and sick, and blind,

Prostrate we adore thee,

Call thy grace to mind.

3 He that dwelleth near thee,

Safely shall abide;

Ever love and fear thee,

In thy strength confide.

4 Sure is thy protection,

Safe is thy defense,

While in deep affliction,

Woe, or pestilence.

5 God of our salvation!

Saviour, Prince of Peace,

Boundless thy compassion,

Infinite thy grace.

6 While with love unceasing,

Humbly we adore;

Grant us thy rich blessing,

And we ask no more.

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