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C. P. M.

The great salvation.
Heb. 2:3.

To him who did salvation bring,

Wake every tuneful power, and sing

A song of sweetest praise:

His grace diffuses as the rains

Crown nature’s flowery hills and plains,

And spread a thousand ways.

2 Salvation is the noblest song,

O may it dwell on every tongue,

And all repeat, Amen!

The Lord will come from heaven to earth

To give his people second birth,

And make them one again.

3 We feel redemption drawing near;

We soon in glory shall appear,

And be for ever blessed:

His promise never can delay,

Our Jesus, on th’ appointed day,

Will give his people rest.

4 By faith we view him coming down,

With angels hovering all around;

He smiles upon his saints:

He cries aloud in melting strains,

I come to save you from your pains,

And end your sore complaints.

5 The smiling millions rise and sing

All glory! glory to our King;

The Grand Assize is come!

You everlasting doors, fly wide;

The Church is glorious as a bride,

And Jesus takes her home.

6 In all the heavens there’s not a tear,

Nor in the realms of bliss a fear,


But pleasure yet unknown:

From heaven to heaven we sound the bliss,

O what a blest abode is this,

For ever round the throne!

7 The joys of heaven will never end;

All glory to the sinner’s Friend!

Roll on, you happy scenes!

You wingéd seraphs, help us praise

The Author of eternal joys!

Our Jesus ever reigns.

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