Harmony of the Law - Volume 3

Author:Calvin, John (1509-1564)
Description:Calvin's Harmony of the Law is his commentary on the books Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Whereas the majority of Calvin's commentaries are chronologically arranged--beginning with the first verse in a book, and ending with the last--Harmony of the Law is arranged topically, for Calvin believed that his topical arrangement would better present the various doctrines of "true piety." A remarkable commentary, Harmony of the Law contains Calvin's discussion of the Ten Commandments, the usefulness of the law, and the harmony of the law. Harmony of the Law instructs readers in both the narrative history of the Old Testament and the practical importance and use of the Old Testament teachings. Harmony of the Law is highly recommended, and will demonstrate to a reader why Calvin is regarded as one of the best commentators of the Reformation.

Tim Perrine

CCEL Staff Writer
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