Christ and His Salvation: In Sermons Variously Related Thereto.

Author:Bushnell, Horace (1802-1876)
Description:Horace Bushnell (1802-1876), minister and theologian, is sometimes called “the father of American religious liberalism.” Influenced by Emerson, Coleridge, and Schleiermacher, the controversial Bushnell thoroughly critiqued the emphasis on the conversion experience so popular among the Christian revivalists of his time. Christ and His Salvation contains a collection of sermons Bushnell wrote in the years following his resignation from the pastorate due to poor health. He offers twenty-one reflections on Christ, his life, his suffering, and his love, and what that means for Christians who wish to take up crosses and follow him.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff
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