Commentary on Revelation

Author:Bullinger, Ethelbert William (1837-1913)
Description:Ethelbert Bullinger was a prolific writer. This book--originally published under the title Apocalypse--is his verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Revelation. Throughout, Bullinger keeps his attention on both the immediate context of a verse, and the remote contexts of the rest of Scripture. He frequently addresses other views, and explains why he believes them to be poor understandings of the text. Some of Bullinger's other views--for example, his "ultra-dispensationalism"--come through the text every now and again, providing a more holistic look at Bullinger's theology. Bullinger provides countless footnotes with additional research, providing readers the opportunity for further exploration. All-in-all, many readers have found their personal beliefs challenged and shaped by this book.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer
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