Training of the Twelve

Author:Bruce, Alexander Balmain (1831-1899)
Description:Christians are called to follow the Lord in all their endeavors, whether leading or serving. As a result of this calling, Christians should strive to live like Christ in all that they do. But how did Jesus manage his ministry? Alexander Bruce seeks to answer precisely that question in his book, The Training of the Twelve. As the leader of twelve disciples and crowds of followers during his lifetime, Jesus handled many difficult situations that Christian leaders still face today. By showing how Jesus and his disciples dealt with hardships like betrayal, death, and corruption, Bruce provides his readers with valuable leadership skills. Relying almost entirely on Biblical accounts, Bruce also addresses the important issues of humility, doubt, patience, intercessory prayer, religious rituals, and self-sacrifice. This book is not just for leaders. Christ teaches us how to lead, but also how to be led. Likewise, Training of the Twelve gives us timeless advice on how Christians can be truly fulfilled while being led by others. The Training of the Twelve is an excellent resource for individuals as well as communities of all sizes.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer
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