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O Jesus Christ, when Thou didst dwell

On earth with mortals long ago,

The heavy-laden knew Thee well,

And Thou didst heed their cry of woe.

And Thou didst hear the humble prayer

That told the sorrow of the soul;

And to the spirit crushed by care

Thou gav'st the word that made it whole.

The darkened mind with heavenly light

Thou, from Thy presence, didst illume;

And day returning after night,

Dispelled their dismal clouds of gloom.

And eyes with sorrow filled were made

To shine with hope like early morn;

Enduring joys for those that fade,

Thou gav'st their sadness to adorn.


And Thou, O Christ, art still the same,

Time hath not chilled Thy loving heart;

Come then, as Christ in mercy came,

And now, as then, Thyself impart.

We need Thee still; O gracious Lord,

In all our sin, and grief, and pain,

Come then, and let Thy living word

Enrich our needy lives again.

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