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Dark billows bound across the deep,

And threatening clouds the stars conceal,

While lightnings flash, and thunders peal,

And fearful souls their vigils keep.

O Christ, Thy voice can still the waves

That toss my soul on angry sea;

The tempest ceased on Galilee,

And Thine is still the power that saves.

And Thou art still the Christ Who guides

The life that ploughs through storm and strife,

And all the battling ills of life,

To where thy endless peace abides.


O Gracious Lord, keep calm my soul;

And on my course where tempests break,

And bounding waves my life o'ertake,

The winds and threatening waves control.

And in Thy fair, calm haven, blest,

Where storm-tossed lives in quiet repose,

Far from the rage of angry foes,

Give me, O Christ, eternal rest.

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