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'Αγιος αθανατος, το παρακλητον Πνευμα

The promise which the Saviour made

When His disciples sorrowed most,

That He would send to comfort them

The life-inspiring Holy Ghost,

Found its fulfilment when they met

Upon the hallowed Pentecost.

And ever through the linkèd years,

From then till now the Gift is sure;

And they who sorrow for their sin,

Or trial's bitter pangs endure,

And they who mourn, and they who weep,

Find in the Gift a peace secure.


Vainly we mourn our absent Lord,

If Thou, the Comforter be near;

For it is Thine to take of His,

And make us feel that He is here;

We still may joy when others grieve,

And hope when threatening clouds appear.

Come, Holy Ghost, with us reside,

Let Thy sweet presence fill our soul;

And make us strong to fight and win;

And all our wayward wills control;

To give us comfort when we weep,

And bind our hearts, and make them whole.

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