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Light more glorious than the sun

Dawns upon our fearful night,


And the longed-for day begun,

Pours its everlasting light;

Christ is risen, with gladness then

Hail His rising, sons of men.

Women came at early gloom,

Sad at heart, and full of fears,

Bearing to the dismal tomb,

Spices, mingled with their tears;

"Wherefore weep?" the angel said,

"Christ is risen from the dead."

Lone disciples all amazed

Sought the place where He had lain,

And they knew not as they gazed,

That their Lord had risen again

Mortals, hail the day begun,

Christ hath risen, our glorious Sun.

Mortals, lo! the Christ hath risen,

God-man He, and Lord of life;

Broken now is hades' prison,

Sin is wounded in the strife;

Lo, we hail Thy rising, now,

Christ, the King immortal, Thou.

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