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"O band of herdsmen, list! I bring
O band of herdsmen, long ago
O bleeding heart, look up, behold
O blessed Cross of Christ!
O blessed land beyond the sun!
O blessed land where Jesus is!
O Bliss of bliss! when earth with all its treasures
O, brighter than that glorious morn
O, brighter than the rising morn
O Christ, I lift mine eyes
O Christ, in mercy save us, ere that day of dread appear
O Christ, in mercy then
O Christ, my Morning star, my Light
O Christ, our Lord, ascended now
O Christ, our Lord, here clouds obscure
O Christ our Lord, Thy power proclaim
O Christ, the great Physician Thou
O Christ, Thou art my King,--
O Christ, Thou art my King
O Christ, Thou art our Light and Sun
O Christ, Thy voice can still the waves
O Christ, who art my better Sun
O Christ, Who art my King
O Christ, Who art my Light, I pray
O Christ, who, in Thy love untold
O city girt with glory!
O, come in early morning
O dark the cloud that threatening hung
O darkest night that ever fell!
O, from Thy dazzling throne come down
O Full of Grace! when sufferers tell
O Full of Mercy! when we groan
O Full of Pity! when we bear
O Glorious Sun! whose peerless ray
O God, exalted on Thy throne
O God, in mercy hear
O God of Light, in weal or woe
O God of light, when morn awakes
O God of love, whose mercy came
O God, our God, we worship low
O God, 'tis well at eventide
O Gracious Christ, Thy power reveal
O Gracious Christ, to me reveal
O Gracious Lord, keep calm my soul
O, heavenly King, in every soul
O heavenly land beyond the sun!
O heavenly land of promise sweet!
O Holy Ghost, convince of sin
O Holy Ghost, our faith renew
O Holy Ghost, Thou Lord of Life
O Holy Ghost, Thou Lord of Light
O Holy Ghost, Thy comfort bring
O Holy Spirit, one in power
O humble Child, in manger laid!
O, I have wandered far
O Jesu, who in manger lay
O Jesus Christ, my soul contains
O Jesus Christ, our hearts aglow
O Jesus Christ, our Trust and joy
O Jesus Christ, Thy light is joy
O Jesus Christ, Thy light is life
O Jesus Christ, to Thee be praise!
O Jesus Christ, to Thee
O Jesus Christ, when Thou didst dwell
O Jesus, King, come quickly
O Jesus, let me hear Thy voice
O Jesus, let Thy voice be heard
O Jesus, Lord of mercy great
O Jesus, Lord, surpassing kind
O Jesus, Shepherd of my soul
O Jesus, Trust of needy souls
O Jesus, when Thy glory gilds
O Jesus, Who hast filled my soul
O Joy of joys! when other joy is sighing
O King enthroned on high
O Light, beyond our utmost light
O Light Divine, each opening day
O Light Divine, serene and pure
O Light of lights, when day is done
O Light of lights, when night descends
O Light of lights! when other light is fading
O Light serene of heavenly birth
O Light that knew no dawn
O Lord of life, when mortals call
O Lord of light, Thy beams display
O Lord of peace, in mercy hear
O Love divine, my spirit sighs
O Love divine, wilt Thou come down
O Love no loving heart e'er gave!
O Love of loves! When other love is dying
O merciful and gracious One!
O night, and woe! The sun and stars are gone
O, One with Christ, Thou Spirit blest
O, parched the desert land
O peace, when strife is past
O people, blinded are your eyes
O, Promised Spirit, come
O Saviour, Who alone art God
O sin, and death, and victory of the grave!
O soul dismayed! when darkness fills
O soul of mine, awake!
O soul of mine, bestir thee
O, Sun of Righteousness, arise!
O that a searching ray would shine
O, that His love would come
O Thou, the Morn, the Light, the Sun
O, touch my heart, and bring to mind
O, touch my heart, till love arise
O, touch my heart till tears run fast
O Uncreated Nature
O Word of Truth! in devious paths
O Wounded hands and feet!
O Zion, blind with earthly pride
O Zion, hail your mighty King
O Zion of your God beloved
Of Thy benignity, we pray
Oh, bid our darkness flee
Oh, blinded are our eyes
Oh, bright the heavenly glory
Oh, clothe Thy ministers with might
Oh, come in early morning
Oh come, ye people, come
Oh, He has gifts in store
Oh, help us, Lord, to feast with joy
Oh, I would tread the sorest path
Oh, let a thankful spirit tell
Oh, may the Spirit of all grace
Oh, send Thy Spirit to our aid--
Oh, the Cross, the Saviour dying
On the awful cross He hung
Once at noon, a midnight dread
Once His heavenly image bearing
Once the Lord, for our salvation
Once upon a cross uplifted
Open wide the gate of heaven
Our earthly calms a storm presage
Our evening prayers attend
Our hands with guilty deeds are stained
Our hearts to heaven upraising
Our Hope, when earthly hopes have fled
Our sinful past we here repent
Our souls are dark, for sin is there
Our souls in Thee, O Lord, are blest
Our Sovereign Lord with wisdom dress
Our time remaining, Lord, control
Out from the east the sages bring
Out from the rising of the sun
Over trackless regions
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